Partial or comprehensive financial plan:

A comprehensive financial plan includes the following components:


Produce a personal balance sheet with footnotes, determine cost of living, establish progress of net worth and cash flows, and analyze financial statements to assess your situation;


Optimize the couple’s tax situation to reduce current and future tax burdens by making the most of all relevant strategies, such as deductions, tax credits, tax shelters, income splitting, charitable donations, deferred income plan, income deferral, taxation for business owners, etc.;

Legal considerations

Determine legal status by examining marital situations, family patrimony, matrimonial regimes, civil unions, mandates in case of incapacity, assignment letters, inter vivos trusts, and interactions for business owners;


Determine vesting goals, review existing wills, assess financial situation at time of death, quantify income tax due at time of death as well as cash flows within the estate, validate the relevance of testamentary trusts to make the most out of every planning opportunity;


Determine the investor’s profile, develop an investment policy, analyze the existing portfolio, verify diversification and establish asset allocation based on fiscal impact;


Define retirement goals, measure retirement income requirements, list and implement sources of retirement income, recommend an appropriate selection of public pension plans, review various wealth accumulation strategies, determine the disbursement order and describe saving and accumulation scenarios in order to achieve these goals;

Insurance and risk management

Assess and quantify risks related to living benefits (disability or critical illness insurance) or death benefits (life insurance) and review strategies implicating insurance products in order to meet your requirements.

A partial financial plan will exclusively work with components that are crucial to meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

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