Webinars on taxation and financial planning

We believe that optimizing your financial situation begins with a better understanding of it and the various solutions available.

Thus, we offer you the opportunity to attend free one-hour webinars on topics in personal taxation and financial planning.

We will explain everything to you in clear and accessible terms.

In addition, you will be able to ask your questions.

You will thus have the peace of mind that nothing escapes you regarding your financial situation.

We look forward to informing you about the following topics:

  • Taxes and you
  • Your retirement planning
  • Investments that suit you
  • Death and its implications
  • Will and estate planning
  • Real estate taxation

Registration and information

    Looking for a specialist in training or conferences on taxation and financial planning?

    With  nearly 300 hours of training annually for the past 10 years, we master  the art of helping you understand tax and financial concepts. Contact us